Miscellaneous of our trip...

I have to apologize for the LONG posts of pictures from our trip but really, I've done well, since we took over 2,000 pictures. Here's the last of them and they are just random ones of the family. I will actually do one more post from the trip of our family pics that we took there but they need editing first. :)
Ava Daniel and Ava
Handsome little Parker
On Friday, the guys decided to have an arm wrestling contest among other things. Here is Nicholas and Derrick.And the winner is....
(actually, he beat all the guys! What a champ!)
Sisters... Whitney and Caitlin
Isn't Ava the cutest thing ever?!? I wish she lived closer so we could see her more.
I LOVE the curls in Caitlin's hair. I hope my little girls have curls!
Rachel and Caitlin

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