The countdown's on...

Mindy was able to go to Baby Your Baby and we have a due date! They said August 28th but Mindy thinks she will go early (which we are TOTALLY fine with as long as both Mindy and baby are ok) and they said everything looks good. She will still have to find a doctor that will take her for the rest of the pregnancy but we are glad that we know things are going well. We are so excited that I can hardly stand it! One of the girls at my work just had her little boy last week and looking at the pictures of him makes me ache to hold mine. Thank you so much Mindy for the amazing blessing you are to us!


  1. How exciting! I think she should have the baby on Aug 24th! That's a GREAT day!!! And not just because it's my birthday! :-)

  2. I am so excited that you finally know when your baby will be here. That isn't far away at all. Have you been having so much fun planning and getting stuff ready?