Outragous deals at Carter's...

We went to Carter's clearance sale last night and we bought $245 worth of clothes for $60! I was thrilled! We decided since we both feel like we are having a boy that we would prepare for a boy and save our reciepts. I will have to post a picture of our pile. We got 7 pair of pj's, 3 outfits, 5 onsies, 4 bibs, a pair of pants, 2 polos, a pair of shorts and a car seat toy!


  1. how fun! Did they give you the 20% off? Carter's is where I just got Morgan's birthday shirt!

  2. i'm glad they let you use the coupon.

    thank you about the pics :)

    and it might have broke my heart if they weren't just being obnoxious kids - I don't think it was lack of anything that was making them do it - I think they were just screwing around - I mean obviously i'm making a quick judgement but based on clothing and the cars their parents were driving I really think they were just being obnoxious kids.