More of Monday: Panning for gold and FHE treats

Right by Nevada City is Alder Gulch. We went there and panned for gold and garnets. These are my cute neices that couldn't get enough of the the water troughs (at least until their parents caught them! :D) Ava (Danaiel and Erin's oldest)
Caitlin and Ava (Caitlin is Nicholas and Christina's youngest, at least until August)
Whitney (Nicholas and Christina's oldest)
For FHE we made ice cream sandwiches with my FAVORITE Pampered Chef tool. The girls LOVED rolling them through the sprinkles.

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  1. the secret is - you have to iron your table! I put 2 washcloths down on the mark and then turned my iron on low but with the steam on and continually moved it around on top of the wash clothes - in less than a minute they were gone!