Wednesday: Yellowstone

We left SOOO early (4 am) because everyone said the BEST time to see the animals was at dawn and at dusk and we didn't want to miss them. As we entered the park there were some elk and buffalo but we REALLY wanted to see bears, wolves and moose so the plan was to go to the upper loop. When we got there the road to Norris and Canyon were closed for construction until 8 am so we had to drive all the way around the lower loop and up that way. I didn't mind because it was a beautiful drive. Once we got to Canyon we stopped for a potty break and as we were coming back to the cars Rachel took this picture and made a comment about letting "the herds run wild in Yellowstone". We got a good laugh!
Around 10:30 or 11:00 we stopped to see Tower Falls. We made the short hike down and enjoyed the scenery.
Daniel and AvaAva
After Towers we pulled off to a turn off were people were looking at the side of the caldera at the mama and baby big horn sheep. They were fun to watch but we left there in a hurry when they told us there was a grizzly about a mile up the road. We got there and he was about 40 to 50 yards off the road. Of course, I had to get closer so as I hurried down the little hill I tripped over a log. I went down HARD! My camera flew and I knocked the wind out of me! I'm sure all cameras turned to me so they could all tell their story about the clumsy fat girl who had to get closer to the bear! :DHe was so cute to roll all around for us. He just sat and let everyone take pictures. He seemed so harmless and I just wanted to cuddle him like a big teddy bear!

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  1. You are SOOOO funny!! Those are GREAT pics! Man are you brave!!! I would have been like "Honey roll up the windows!"