Our nursey...

It's not quiet finished yet but I couldn't wait to post pictures! This is our crib. It grows with the babe and turns into a full size bed frame. This is my rocker that I got a screamin' good deal on! Love it! And the bookcase. The outside isn't painted yet but it will be a really pale blue, almost the color of the rocker.
If it's a boy we will do these colors and...
...if it's a girl we will do these colors. (Peach and pale blue, but we are still toying with the idea of melon, coral and rust. We bought a flowered dress in those colors and it would be really cute!)


  1. how pretty, I love it.

    I love your carpet - I swear it is the same as my BIL & SIL's carpet that they just got and the carpet one of the women I visit teach just had put in her house - so nice and soft!

  2. Oh it is turning out super, I LOVE it.