Madi's first trip to the zoo...

For Madi's birthday we took her to the zoo. We went on the 31st and decided to get a year pass. Madi LOVED it! It was fun to watch her watch the animals. She didn't want to leave one to go to the next. She especially loved the elephants and the big cats!
Madi and Daddy in the nightmares exhibit. They have free flying bats in here. I was glad to see they were all clustered and asleep while we were there. :D There are three elephants at our zoo. They were fun to watch. One of them is just a year old. I didn't get a good picture of her so baby Zuri will have to wait 'til next time. The elephants would pick up the watermelon and then throw it on the ground to brake it open. They downed the whole thing in a matter of minutes!
We tested out the carousel. Madi did not love it. She clung to Derrick the whole time and started fussing as soon as it started to move.
Here is the sloth posing for his close up
Madi really liked the jaguar. It paced back and forth watching everyone. There was only the glass separating him from the kids because they all got as close as they possibly could!
Hanging out in Asian Highlands...
I really liked the tigers. There are four of them but this one was my favorite (only because he was in the best view. :D)
Madi wouldn't sit by herself to get her picture on the tigers so I held her. She still wasn't thrilled but it was passed her nap time!
Madi watching Zuri and her mom in the Elephant Encounters...
My monkeys...
Swans are such beautiful birds...
Madi was thrilled by the train... until it started to move! :D
Madi says "yea!!!" We had a great day at the zoo, despite the heat, and can't wait to go back!

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