Thirteen wonderful months...

The last thirteen months have been the most wonderful of my life. I have everything I have ever wanted, an amazing hubby and a beautiful little princess! What more could a girl ask for???
Madi brings so much joy into our home. I can't imagine life without her. She gives the sweetest kisses and I love it! She waves and points at everything. She is so curious and never ceases to amaze me with the situations she will get herself into. She does not sit still! She loves to move, sing, dance, walk, jump and go anyway she can. She loves to watch her Einstien movies, especially any with animals. I will have to get a video of her watching cause it is so funny to see the intensity she has. Her very favorite thing to do is read stories and look at her books. If the house is quiet, she can be found surrounded by all of her books in her room. She is finally able to reach them on her own. She chatters all day. I love to hear her. She adores Derrick. She gets so excited for him to get home and has had a hard time adjusting to him going to school. She is so sad to see him leave and there are usually tears. I know the sacrifice will pay off in the end though. She loves herself, to see her picture or look in the mirror. She loves pictures of mom, dad and the rest of her family. She loves just about any kid and will chat and play with any kid that will try. She is happy to go to anyone and loves attention from anyone. People are drawn to her. She is always so happy and so easy. I love you sweet baby!!!

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