It's a PARTY...

Two of my great friends from work had babies and month and a half and two weeks earlier than Madi. Guire is a month and a half older and lucky for us they only live about five minutes away! Madi always has so much fun playing with him and I love the girl time with Chantel. Last week The two of them played in the pool. Madi still isn't sure about getting in the pool without mom but seemed to warm up after a minute or two. Guire was a little fish! He didn't want to get out. :D
Thanks for a great afternoon Chantel! Good luck on Friday! (She is having baby #2, Nash) I can't wait to see him! :D

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post... seriously so stinking cute. Could our babies be any cuter???? I don't think so. I love hanging out to it is seriously so much fun. After I am adjusted to baby Nash we will start it back up again. : )