Happy Birthday Madison!!!

Madi turned one on the 30th. Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins came over for a yummy barbque! We had steaks and chicken, corn on the cob, potatoes, grilled pineapple and lots of yummy extras. Madi LOVES steak! That is all she wanted. She did have a few pieces of watermelon and some corn. After lunch she had a cupcake before heading down for a nap. Make a wish...
mmmm... yum!!!
Madi played for a little while until her party started. Here's Madi and daddy.And here is Madi and mommy.
Madi picked a corn popper, Tinkerbell keys, a pull along dog and a pop up toy with her money from Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins. I am making her a memory box and we got her a touch and feel book, crayons and a coloring pad and a bead roller coaster thing.Great Grandma and Grandpa Baum came along with Kathy, Jessi, Micheal, Adam, Linda, Kristine, Kathrine, Michelle, Liz, Jeremy, Eli, Christopher, Annie, Bekka and Holly. We sang to her and then let her go to town. (Thanks Chris and Annie for bringing the BIG cupcake!!!)
"Let me at it!!!"
She couldn't wait!
She didn't love the frosting. I made cream cheese frosting.
Daddy, Madi and Mommy

Happy birthday sweet baby! I love you!!!


  1. Darling... Looks like she had a super fun day. I love how messy she was from her cake. SO MUCH FUN!!!

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL family. Happy Birthday Madi!!! Love the big cup cake. What a wonderful day. Love you!!!