Madi's first camping trip...

Friday night we went up past Tibble Fork to camp with Christopher and Annie. This was Madi's first time camping. She LOVES being outside and was wide awake the entire night. Even though she didn't get a nap for longer than twenty minutes on Friday, she was determined to stay awake and not miss one minute of the fun. Madi was up off and on all night which made for a LONG night. It was so fun to go camping though and I love spending time with Annie and getting to know her better. Madi LOVES Annie and was thrilled to see her as well. Chris and Derrick got up early to go fish Saturday morning. They were gone for three hours but didn't catch anything. Everyone around them did though. :D MAybe they will have better luck next time.
Madi felt like such a big girl. It was fu nto watch her. She wanted to get down and explore and after a while mom gave in and let her.
She seem to mind crawling on the rocks at all. What a cutie! I love this picture. Her eyes show the lack of sleep and how we all felt Saturday morning.
Even though we didn't get a ton of sleep, we can't wait to go again! We are hoping that Chris and Annie will come up this way and camp at Antelope Island before the summer ends. Thanks for a great weekend guys!!!

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