Baby animal days...

American West Heritage Center in Wellsville had baby animal days over the weekend.  We talked about going but were kind of hesitant since it was winter outside.  In the end we decided to bundle up, brave the cold and go see some animals.  Madi loved sitting on this saddle.  She kept petting the fur chaps that hung from it and said "horse".
 We walked back to the barn instead of taking the wagon ride because of our stroller but Madi would go nuts every time they would pass because they were being pulled by Clydesdale's.  They were so fun for her to see.  One of the funnest parts is that you get to hold and touch a lot of the baby animals.  Here is Madi lovin' on the bunny.
 I wish I could bring one home.  Madi was in heaven!
 She wanted nothing to do with the turtles though!
 In the barn they had ducks, chicks, lambs, pigs and goats.
 At the back they had the main attractions... baby bears from Yellowstone Bear World.  They were born in January.  This is what I wanted to hold and cuddle with but they weren't letting the public touch them.  I think there was a total of six.
 How cute are they?!?!  Don't you just want to snuggle with them?
 On our way back to the main gate we stopped to see some calves and a foal.  Madi wasn't to sure about touching the calves but liked to see them at a close distance.
Aside from the mud pits created by the rain and snow, it was a perfect day! 

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