Madi's first time...

Last night we took Madi bowling and let her bowl.  The first couple times she wasn't too sure and didn't really want anything to do with it but she eventually warmed up and got excited about her turn.
 "Look at my ball!"
 She ALWAYS picked the pink ball for her first turn and then would switch the color for the second.  She could lift the ball but not carry it so if we didn't watch close there would be a loud thud from her dropping it.
 "Yeah Madi!"  She was so cute and would clap for Derrick and I.  When the pins went down she would say "Crash!"
 She thought the ball return was pretty cool.  She would run and wait for her ball to come back up.
 Here she is clapping for herself.  She was so adorable!  She danced to the music and had a great time.  I wish I had brought our Flip so I could've videoed her.

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  1. That's so cute! I love the picture of her looking down the ball return!