Easton Boy...

Derrick took some days off and doesn't have to go back to work until Thursday.  It is so nice having him home.  It is already going too fast.  Madi has especially enjoyed it.  I got her out of bed this morning and she said "want dada".  (Good thing I'm used to it or I might have felt bad! :D)  Our little Easton has been great!  We have had a couple nights that he has confused for day but other than that he has been so easy.  I love snuggling with him.  We have to bundle him up good and put a hat on him so he will be warm enough to sleep.  He likes the bouncy chair.  Luckily he isn't old enough to worry about it being a girl chair. :D
 Isn't he just adorable?!?!  I can kiss that little face all day long!

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  1. He is adorable!! He looks so much like Madi!