Today Chantel and I took the kids to Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden.  I got a membership so we will be going back lots.  Included in the membership are Union Station, Tracy Aviary and Ogden's Nature Park so we are going to check those out soon!  I love having places to take Madi to that are kid friendly, outside and not super pricey!  I love having a friend to go with (thank you Chantel!!!) and I love how cute Nash and Guire are.  Madi loves them both.  When we left the park today Madi started crying and saying "Guire".  It is fun for her to have a friend. Madi was worried she was going to fall off the rock.
 We played at the playground and let them run around for awhile. 
My little lady is growing up so quick.  She usually minds really well and is a good little helper.   
 See, I told you Guire is cute.  He is a little man.  I love to watch them play together.
 Guire took a ride on Dino from the Flintstone's.
We had a fun day and are excited to check out another place tomorrow!

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