One week...

Our little Easton is one week old.  I can hardly believe it!  He is such a sweet little baby and is adored by all of us, especially Madi.  He slept from 11:00 to 6:00 last night!  What a great blessing for mom! :D  Hope fully he does it again tonight.  Here he is getting his bath.  Like his sister, he likes his baths.   The picture on the right is Madi when she was about a week old.  They do look alike but each have their own look too. 

When he was all done he snuggled with mama for a minute.  Isn't he the sweetest thing ever?!?!
 Madi is so sweet to him.  She is always asking where baby is and making sure he is ok.  She has been really soft and gentle so far.  If you look close you can see Easton's grin.  He smiles A LOT!  I love it!
 Erin... This one's for you!  Each time I put him in these jammies I think that Colson needs them too!


  1. So cute!! I love how alert he seems! Baby grins are the best!! Can't wait to see him!

  2. Wish I could be there to hold him! He's a doll!