Union Station...

Chantel and I took the kiddies to Union Station Tuesday.  Here's Madi and Guire on the caboose.  They liked to see the model trains but other than that, I am not sure they totally loved the museum.
 They did like running around and when they were able to play on the train though.  This is the outside of the caboose.  What cute kids!
 We were able to tour a post office train and a hospital train.  This is the hospital train.  During the world wars they would use the hospital cars to transport injured soldiers.  This is one of the patients beds.  It was cool to see what they used back then and to learn about the post office train as well.  For security reasons, PO trains never stopped.  They would throw the mail bags out and had a hook to pick up new bags.  They also had to have armed guards on board to protect the mail from outlaws like Butch Cassidy and Jesse James.
 Waiting at Union Station.  Lucky for us there weren't a ton of people there so the kids couldn't really disrupt anyone.  That was nice to not have to worry about.
 This is what we got when we told them to give each other a hug.  They are too cute!


  1. Ok Seriously so much fuN!!! I love the pics. Any Baby yet????!?!?!?! When is he gonna get here? : )