Madi's first hair cut...

Madi's mullet had to go!  Since my sister came for conference I let her cute it.  Madi thought it was pretty cool to sit up in the chair and see herself in the mirror.
 Look at that grin!!!
 But, it didn't last.  As soon as Bekka put the cape on her the tears started.  Not just little ones either, big crocodile tears!
I wasn't sure if she was going to make it through! 
 Madi eventually overcame the sadness and relaxed a little.
 Bekka did a great job and although it is short, the mullet is gone! :D
 Since she LOVES to be pampered, Holly did some gel toes on her.  Madi knew exactly what color they should be... PINK!
Thank you Bekka and Holly!  It was great to see you guys and Andrew.  We'll miss ya!


  1. Love it!! I think short hair on little girls is the cutest!!

  2. I love love love the pics. SHe is so cute even though she is sad. Still sooooo cute.