There is an awesome park close to our house that we fell in love with last summer.  It's called Jensen Nature Park.  We have been so excited to take Madi back to feed the ducks since she is older this year and plan to take her fishing there as well.  Since the weather has been beautiful the last few days we took her Thursday night.  She spilled juice on her pants she had worn earlier so I asked her what she wanted to wear and pulled out some khaki shorts.  She shook her head no and without hesitation, pulled out her polka dotted shorts.  I have a feeling I will be washing them daily this summer.  I am going to have to buy some solid tees because she has nothing to match them.  The closest thing is her Down East undershirt that accentuates her little Buddha Belly. :D
"peek-a-boo mom" 
 Could you please just give mom a little smile???
 She is growing up so fast!  In less than four months we will be celebrating her second birthday.  Where did the time go?
 Madi is 150% girl!  She has developed a recent love for purses.  She will get mine down and put it on her shoulder and say "purse" over and over while she struts around.  She loves to try on shoes and doesn't care if they are dad's or mom's.  She has started saying "I'm cute" but it comes out "I'm tute!" which makes it even cuter!!!  (Do ya think she hears it all day from her mommy and daddy? :D)  She LOVES makeup and thinks she needs it every time she sees me putting some on.  (Thank goodness for lip gloss!)  She loves her pretties (earrings and bracelets) and asks to look in the mirror whenever she gets new ones on (and when she gets her hair done, nails painted, "makeup" on, new clothes or anything of that nature).  Her favorite color is pink and purple comes in as a close second.  She LOVES Tink still and has began a new obsession with the Disney Prince's (princesses, but she can't quite get the last part out) and will now say
"I need it"
to anything she sees with one of them on.  It is so fun to have a little girly girl. 
 So, back to the park...  We went and fed the ducks and had so much fun we decided to go back yesterday with Chantel, her boys and Kyah.
 The kids enjoyed throwing the bread at the ducks and just being outside.  We always have such a great time with Chantel and her boys.  Madi loves Guire and of course, "baby" (Nash).  I enjoy the grown up conversation and friendship Chani and I have.
 This girl could go all day!  She loved the ducks but was thrilled when she saw a couple of horses on the trail in the distances.  She ran right for them and wanted to get as close as possible!
 Guire liked the truck... He was checkin' out the rims and everything!  He's such a boy... so cute!


  1. I love her little hoop earrings! I wish we had some nice weather up this way. It's been raining a lot and even SNOWED today!

  2. I am so glad that we get to hang out together. It is so much fun for Guire. He woke up this morning and said Madi. I think he might have a crush on her. : ) Lets go back to the pond soon.