Easter outfits...

Madi looked so cute in her Easter dress on Sunday.  I love her in blue.  It makes her eyes stand out.   
 I wanted to get a few pictures of the two of them so we stopped at the nature center in Kaysville on our way home from visiting mom and dad.  Madi was ready to climb right up these poles.  She was too excited about seeing the ducks to do much picture taking.
 She is SO her mother's daughter!  Is this the most lady like pose or what?  She posed herself for this picture and it cracked me up because I could always remember my mom telling me to sit like a lady.  Even still, I prefer long skirts so I don't have to worry about how I am sitting. :D
After daddy helped her sit more appropriately she finally flashed a smile my way.  I can't believe how big she is getting.  She is growing up so fast!  She amazes me with some of the words she can say and the things she understands.  I love the care and concern in her voice when she talks.  She is so sweet to her little brother and is always worried about him, especially when he's sad.  She always wants to know where he is and likes to give him loves and kisses.  She is such a good helper too!
 Our little Easton looked adorable in his Easter clothes too.  We took him to sacrament meeting today for the first time.  Thanks Erin for teaching me how to make the tie!   


  1. Soooo cute! They both look adorable! I love the little tie!!!

  2. You must teach me how to make ties! I need one for my little Griff!
    Thanks for letting me hold little Easton the other day!