Ode to Parker...

In February I went to my brother's in WA for a week.  My cute nephew, Parker, LOVES Thomas.  This is the only time Madi has been exposed to Thomas but she has not forgotten him.  My sister, Bekka, left gifts for me to give our nieces and nephews when they come this summer but she wasn't able to get Brenton's and Parker's so she gave me money and instructions.  I bought them Thomas pj's and since I got them on such a great deal I got a couple sizes for Easton when he gets older.  Madi was SO excited about Thomas.  She wouldn't let them go until I agreed to put them on her.  So, Easton has to share his Thomas jammies with Madi.  As soon as she woke up she wanted me to wash them and then wanted to wear them again last night.  My silly girl looks like a little boy! 
As soon as she puts anything on she asks to look in the mirror.  Then she tells me "I tute!"  Yep baby, you are cute!
Annie... Madi has taken over the bottle cleaner.  She thanks you for her new brush! :D

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