Five weeks...

It  is hard to believe that this sweet little boy is already five weeks old.  He is beginning to lose the newborn look which makes me a little sad.  I love those first few weeks with my little ones and wished they lasted a little bit longer. 
 Easton has LONG fingers and feet.  Basketball player?  Pianist?  Only time will tell.
 I am in love!  He melts my heart.  He makes the cutest faces.  I could kiss those little cheeks all day long!
 Easton is a binki boy!  We have even caught him sucking his thumb a time or two.  When he's awake he will hold his binki like this a lot of the time.
 Easton has been a fairly easy baby.  He does like to be held lately which I don't mind at all but Madi isn't too thrilled about.  She has actually done relatively well.  She does have her jealous moments but we expected some of that.


  1. Man he is cute!! I wish I could still get Colson to take a binki. So much easier to break than the thumb!

  2. He's so stinking cute I especially love the ones with the binki! :)