So long, farewell, auf wiedersen, goodbye...

 Wednesday, May 11, 2011, my little sister entered the MTC.  Bekka is going to the California, San Fernando mission.  Annie made an awesome breakfast, Bekka's fave, stuffed french toast, and then we ran a couple last minute errands.  Our final stop was to grab a smoothie before sending her off.  She was too nervous for anything else.   
(I stole a few pictures from Annie.  Hope you don't mind!)
It is weird to think about her as a missionary.  I remember dropping her off at college not that long ago!
Chris was awesome and agreed to say goodbye across the street so he could sit with Easton.  There wasn't enough room in the car for all of us to go.  Madi had fun playing on the fence.  She kept pointing to the temple and saying "pwitty"
She is such a sweetheart!  Bekka didn't want to let her go.  Madi still talks about Bekka on a daily basis.  She gets excited when she sees her picture. 
And here she is making a wonderful impression as she arrived at the MTC.  We gave quick hugs and said our goodbyes and wiped away the tears.  She turned around and ran right into the #2 sign.  She is good at running into poles.  At least she made a quick recovery.  It was a true "Bekka" moment! :D   
We are so proud of Bekka and that she has made the decision to serve a mission.  She will be wonderful and leave a lasting impact on the lives of those she serves.  We will miss her like crazy while she is gone and look forward to her coming home but are glad she is where she needs to be.  Love ya Beck!

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  1. Awww!I love these pictures! I've been waiting for them. :) It doesn't surprise me one bit that she ran into that pole,that's so Bekka, Haha! :)