Soakin' up the sunshine...

Last week we had some beautiful weather!  It was in the 80's and blue skies.  We took advantage of it and turned on the sprinklers.  Madi was a little hesitant at first and wanted to play with a cup.  Whatever makes her happy. :D
 Madi has found her belly button and LOVES to show it to anyone that will look.
 I told her to cover it up and this is what she gives me...
 Madi is so pretty.  She is turning into a little girl.  She isn't my baby any more.  She wants to do everything on her own.  She is a good helper.  She is sweet to her brother (except the last week or so).  She wants to try new things.  She wants to do things that she is not yet ready for but thinks she is.  She surprises me with some of the things she says, some of the things she does...
 She notices everything, especially animals.  She is pointing out the airplane that is flying by.
 Once she started playing in the water I couldn't keep her out.  She would fill up the cup and then dump it and fill it up again. 
 Not sure why she needed a cup though... :D

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