We have a retention pond next to our house.  When Madi goes outside she heads right over there saying "grass" over and over.  Not sure the difference from our grass because they are the same, green and weedy!  For whatever reason, she loves to play over there so I grab a blanket or a chair and go over with her.
 Madi LOVES balls!  Someone left this football over there so she thought it would be fun to play with it.
 Hut, hut, hike!!!
 She has really started liking Disney Princesses, I think because they have so much pink. 
 I LOVE this little face!  I could kiss it all day!  She likes me to take a picture of her and then show her what it looks like.  Sometimes she gets a little too close.
 When Madi gets excited she runs a little too fast for those tiny legs of hers.  It seems like she falls and scrapes her knees every time she plays outside.  On this particular day she scraped them good enough that she had blood running down her leg.  It doesn't even faze her.  She jumps right up and keeps playing.  It wasn't until an hour or two later when we went in and I put neosporen on it that she whined "hurt, hurt".  For at least a week after she will tell you she has owies and point to her knee, then lift her leg up and say "kiss better".  She is so sweet!
 Here is the newest love of my life!  He is such a great little boy.  We all can't get enough of him!
 Madi has been so sweet to him for the most part.  She did kick him the other day on purpose (not hard) because I was taking care of him and she wanted me to blow bubbles and this morning she swatted his face with his diaper when I was changing him.  Not really sure why, but she is sick so maybe she thinks she needs me to herself.
 She really does love him though and wants to help take care of him and love him.  She has to know where he is as soon as she wakes up and goes and gives him kisses right away.  She rubs his head, lays with him, wants to hold him and help feed him.  She is a good little mommy in training!
 Easton is a hairy little guy.  It is so cute, at least at this age!  We love his side burns!
 my little guy...


  1. oh boy, he is a cutie. Just wish I could hold him!

  2. That picture of them laying together is so sweet!